Texting, reading, and eating: Meet Vancouver's worst distracted driver

Aug 31 2018, 6:41 pm

It’s a shining example everything you’re not supposed to do behind the wheel, and it was all captured in a single shot.

In a photo recently posted on Reddit Vancouver sarcastically titled ‘Caught this lady safely driving down the freeway’  a woman behind the wheel of a vehicle appears to have her phone in one hand, a book in her lap, and a bag of Cheetos close by.

Obviously, snacks, reading, and texting are way more important than paying attention to the road (note the sarcasm here, people).

Caught this lady safely driving down the freeway today. from r/vancouver

Daily Hive got in touch with Reddit user “halestorm9” who posted the photo.

He said the photo was taken westbound on the highway between Kensington and Willingdon in Burnaby.

“I was in the backseat of my buddies big pick up truck. Riding around in large trucks really makes you realize how much-distracted driving is taking place,” he said.

A fine for a single texting and driving infraction in BC costs $368, and adding reading and eating to the mix adds a much heftier penalty.

If this isn’t the most dangerous multitasking (and stupid decision making) you’ve seen, we’re not sure what is.

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