Companies celebrate The Internet's 30th birthday by sharing their retro origins

Mar 12 2019, 1:55 pm

Imagine a world without The Internet?

There wouldn’t be any Instagram likes, no Google news, no Facebook comments or YouTube videos. There’d be no Daily Hive articles highlighting the birthday of the World Wide Web.

Whoa, meta.

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Today marks the 30th birthday of the creation of the World Wide Web which was first proposed on March 11, 1989, by Tim Berners-Lee.

30 years ago, Berners-Lee, a computer scientist, published a proposal for a “web” of hypertext documents that could be viewed and visited through a browser.

Three decades later, The Internet has shaped the way we communicate, access information, share news and watch cat videos.

While today we use the words “Internet” and “web” interchangeably, they actually refer to two different things. The Internet is a global network of computers that are able to communicate with one another and the web is the public’s main way of accessing the network.


In celebration of the internet’s ‘dirty 30,’ major companies have joined in on a virtual party, sharing what its website looked like when it first launched.

At Daily Hive, we’ve gone through a virtual transformation as well. Here’s what our main page looked like back in 2008 and when we were Vancity Buzz:

Vancity Buzz

Cheers, Internet – here’s to another 30 years, it looks like you might be sticking around for a while. In the meantime, does this bring you back to the mid-90s?