Could frigid winter weather make a comeback in Vancouver?

Jan 3 2023, 6:55 pm

Last year’s winter weather in Vancouver is mostly a distant memory, but could another burst of arctic air lead to a winter comeback?

According to The Weather Network, we should be safe for the first half of January when it comes to cold wintery weather, but that could change for the second half of the month.

Despite the lack of winter weather in the short-term forecast, we could still see some stormy weather hit the region.

This week’s forecast includes a mix of rainy and cloudy conditions, with the potential for some sunny breaks on Wednesday. The 14-day trend is similar, with temperatures hovering around six to seven degrees.

Mild pacific air is moving across most of Canada during the first two weeks of January. This means above-seasonal temperatures will likely pad out this first bit of the month.

The Weather Network points out that for most of Canada, January is the coldest month of the year and that despite the mild pattern we’re seeing, “high-impact winter weather can still occur.”

So will winter weather make a comeback in Vancouver? The answer, as you might expect, is maybe.

The Weather Network says the jet stream may trend towards a pattern that “resembles what we saw during December,” which could include another extended period of colder-than-normal conditions.

We could be in store for some wet weather for the second half of January.

“While storms will track south of the border at times, the jet stream will meander north and south during the month and should deliver enough storms to bring near-normal or slightly above-normal precipitation totals to the South Coast region of BC, including Vancouver and Victoria.”

At least one independent weather watcher suggests we’ll see stormy weather as early as this week.

For now, you can be thankful there’s no snow in the forecast.

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