Wine Advent Calendar: Drink your way through December

Nov 4 2016, 12:04 am

It’s back! The wildly popular Wine Advent Calendar curated and sold by the innovative Vancouver-based wine retailer New District has returned for December 2016, and it promises to be even more exciting than last year’s.

Holding 25 diverse bottles of wine, each individually wrapped and numbered for enjoyment every calendar day from December 1 to Christmas Day (or at your own pace and leisure, numbers be damned), New District’s Wine Advent Calendar is like getting a drinkable gift every single day.

The bottles vary in style, place of origin, and value–some of the bottles are worth up to $100 each. As a new addition for 2016, the Wine Advent Calendar includes wines from small and mid-size BC wineries as well as from select winemakers around the globe. The Wine Advent Calendar collection was curated by New District’s in-house wine authority, veteran wine teacher, writer, and authority DJ Kearney.

You can get a sense of what you’re in for at a glance on the online calendar, from days when you’ll want to make sure lamb is on the dinner menu, or when you’re in for a perfect brunchtime bottle of white.

Wine glasses/Shutterstock

Wine glasses/Shutterstock

As a fun bonus, the identity of the 25 bottles will also be revealed one by one daily in December through an online video posted on New District’s website. Of course, you can delay your own gratification by waiting to peel back the wrapping yourself, or invite friends over for the big reveal. (Also, no one will judge if you open the bottles at will, and give away or enjoy at your own pace and discretion, or go in with friends on the buy. You’re a grown up, you do you.)

Now for the vital details. First, you’re going to be spending $950, which means that’s an average of $38 per bottle–an extraordinary value when you factor in those much pricier bottles in the mix. Second, you can’t spend too much time debating if you want to order this or not; last year the Wine Advent Calendar sold out in a matter of days.

The good news is, if you order by November 20, you are guaranteed delivery by December 1. Delivery in BC is free, too, or you can pick one up in person at New District’s store on Dunbar. Then it’s up to you when you open that first bottle. And the next, and the next.

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