Wendy’s Canada launches new Egg BLT sandwich and Iced Coffee drink

May 1 2023, 12:30 pm

The popular fast food chain has just dropped two exciting new breakfast items: Wendy’s Egg BLT and an Iced Coffee.

These tasty new items launched today — Monday, May 1 — across Canada.

This new Wendy’s Egg BLT is made with a fresh-cracked, Canadian grade-A egg, Applewood smoked bacon, juicy tomato, crunchy greenhouse-grown lettuce, a slice of cheese, and mayo on a 120-layer butter croissant. It’s available for a limited time only.

“We are so excited to launch our new breakfast sandwich in celebration of our one-year anniversary of Breakfast in Canada,” said Hayley Kianoff, the manager of international culinary innovation, in a media release.

“A lot of research went into this, we know Canadians want something fresh for breakfast, so we delivered. All of the flavours work really well together and we are super excited for Canadians to try!”

“Our croissant is what makes the difference,” said John Li, the Vice President of Culinary Innovation, in the media release. “We use an all-butter croissant. It not only adds the flavour of butter but when you fold the dough around the butter and cook the croissant, the butter steams and that’s what creates the layers.”

wendy's canada

Courtesy of Wendy’s Canada

As for the new Iced Coffee, it’s a slow-steeped, blended drink made with cane syrup and cream, served over ice which sounds ideal for the summer.

“We wanted to make sure we met the Canadian palate for how they like their Iced Coffee,” said Kianoff. “Canadians like cream and sugar, and for their iced coffee to be super cold.”

“The coffee beans in this mix are specifically put in this recipe to give you the smooth character but also a light chocolate flavour.”

Dished recently tried the new breakfast menu that was revealed back in April and we had thoughts. Twitter also had plenty to say about some of the most recently launched new items.

You can try out these sweet new breakfast items at all Canadian Wendy’s locations starting Monday, May 1.

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