Twitter reacts to the brand new Wendy's Canada breakfast menu

May 4 2022, 7:04 pm

It’s been a couple of days since Wendy’s Canada launched its new breakfast menu, and people already have a lot to say about it.

Even we had our opinions when we first tried out the new breakfast items; now, the rest of Twitter is weighing in on what they think of it.

Nine new items were introduced to this recently revealed breakfast menu, including a Breakfast Baconator, Frosty-ccino, Seasoned Potatoes, and for the first time ever, coffee.

First reactions definitely indicated that some of the items were big hits, while others, not so much.

Here are a few of the top Twitter reactions from people after trying the new Wendy’s Canada breakfast menu.

It seems like Wendy’s found success with the Breakfast Baconator and the potato wedges.

“Wow, the Breakfast Baconator is really a lovely surprise,” wrote one Twitter user. “The Wendy’s breakfast potatoes are out of this world. Very grateful there’s a new breakfast option in Canada, especially such a delicious one,” they continued.

“Holy f*** that Breakfast Baconator was incredible,” wrote another user.

“Did @WendysCanada just casually start serving my new favourite breakfast potatoes? I think they might have,” posted another.

Twitter user @LFGRaptors wrote, “@WendysCanada the breakfast baconator is probably the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had.”

There were some people who thought the sandwich was just okay. It seems like a lack of bacon was the biggest issue for people, which is ironic given the sandwich’s name.

@itscherz wrote, “[Ordered} the Baconator breakfast sandwich today, disappointed in the lack of bacon strips.”

“Wished our Baconator breakfast sandwich looked like that yesterday it was lacking bacon strips,” @itscherz posted again in a separate tweet.

Another item that people seem to be loving is the Frosty-ccino, a drink that combines cold brew coffee with chocolate or vanilla Frosty, served over ice.

I don’t always drink coffee but when I do I drink Wendy’s frosty-ccino,” @BlueWolfWen posted on Twitter.

Unfortunately for Wendy’s Canada, there was another drink that was the clear least favourite of all the newly introduced breakfast items, and it might be the most important.

People just hated the coffee.

“You lose major points for the coffee (I think that’s what it tried to be) being served in a styrofoam cup. I guess your competitors care more about recycling so I’ll go there,” wrote one user.

“Couldn’t enjoy the free coffee since the location didn’t have lids,” wrote another user.

“Coffee was awful!” Twitter user @NChevy posted.

All in all, reviews seem mixed but promising! Some people loved it and others definitely seemed to hate it. Whether they’re trolling or not, give it a try! Maybe just avoid the coffee.

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