Walmart in New West forced to close food aisles overrun by hungry rodents

Jul 1 2021, 7:55 pm

The Walmart located at 805 Boyd Street in New Westminster has been forced to cordon off and close their food sections due to extreme rodent activity.

The report from Fraser Health outlines the various food items that rodents have been enjoying.

From bags of rice to “real bacon,” all of the contaminated food items have been deemed “unfit for human consumption” and discarded.

The full list of contaminated food items is exhaustive. Cheetos, Chipits, bags of soup mix — practically nothing was safe from rodents in this Walmart. These items were visibly chewed on and were considered critical hazards according to Fraser Health.


The rodents seemed to particularly enjoy Indian ingredients and snacks, having gone through five bags of Moong Dal and several bags of Bikaji chips.

In total, for their critical hazards the Walmart received a violation score of 25.

The non-critical hazards were where rodent droppings were discovered. This list, again, was a large one. Droppings were found in practically all food sections, including underneath the bread in the bakery.


The Walmart in question will have to wait for their next inspection before it is deemed whether or not they’ll be able to offer customers products from their various food sections again. They will have to call for the inspection themselves, prior to reopening the affected areas.

For now, Walmart needs to have pest control come in for a full assessment, including placing traps under all shelving in affected areas. They also need to clean all shelving and floors with a 1 tsp per litre bleach solution.

The non-critical hazards left this Walmart with a violation score of 15.

The report does not specify the type of rodents that are behind the destruction.

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