Canadian sniper: World-renowned military marksman joins Ukraine war

Mar 10 2022, 4:01 pm

Known to the public simply by his nickname, Wali, a former Royal 22nd Regiment Canadian sniper has answered the call to volunteer and defend Ukraine from Russian invaders.

According to an interview with La Presse, the 40-year-old Montreal native has been in eastern Europe since early March, leaving behind his wife and his baby, who will celebrate his first birthday without him next week.

“I know, it’s just terrible. But me, in my head, when I see the images of destruction in Ukraine, it is my son that I see, in danger and who is suffering” he told the Quebec newspaper. “When I see a destroyed building, it is the person who owns it, who sees his pension fund go up in smoke, that I see. I go there for humanitarian reasons.”

Now, the soldier who fought against the Islamic State in both Afghanistan and Kurdistan is sharing part of his journey on his official Facebook page, The Torch and Sword. Photos of him in Ukraine are often accompanied by journal-like entries.

“Ukrainians are tough on invaders, but welcoming with those who came to help them,” he writes. “It’s hard not to love a people who just want to be free!”

Another one of his posts reveals the soldier’s deep admiration for the courage of Ukrainians, many of whom have decided to stay and fight.

“Ukraine will go down in history as a nation of warriors,” he writes.

Out of the top five longest confirmed kills in history, three of them were made by Canadian snipers. One of these was completed by one of Wali’s comrades, who reportedly killed an Islamic State terrorist from a distance of over 3,000 metres.

Since Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has put out a call for foreign volunteers to join the country’s defence, more than 16,000 volunteers from around the globe are expected to help repel the Russian invaders.
Along with being a member of the armed forced, Wali is also a photographer, author, and documentary filmmaker.


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To learn more about his life and career, you can purchase his book.
You can also watch his documentary Beside Heroes for free here.
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