Ukrainian cultural assets, historical sites that have been destroyed by Russian forces

Mar 4 2022, 8:12 pm

Among the thousands of lives that have already been lost during Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, there have been multiple attacks on infrastructure, priceless art pieces, and historic sites within the country.

Despite Russian claims that only military infrastructure would be targeted, it is clear that the invasion has become a multifaceted, widespread attack on the Ukrainian people and their culture.

The following is a list of five irreplaceable cultural pieces from Ukraine, a country with several world heritage sites, that have been lost due to Russian bombings and attacks:

Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum

This museum housed dozens of works by Ukrainian folk artist Maria Prymachenko, who was greatly admired by Pablo Picasso.

The Russian army burned the building on February 27.

Shchorsa Cinema

The Shchorsa Cinema, located in Chernihiv’s main square, was one of the oldest theatres in all of Ukraine. It had recently been transformed into the Chernihiv Youth Center. Enemy rockets destroyed the site on February 27.

Babyn Yar

Babin Yar was a holocaust memorial site and historical ladnmark in Kyiv. Nazis killed over 33,000 Jews at the site during World War II.

On March 1 the area was bombed, killing five nearby innocent civilians.

Freedom Square

Kharkiv’s Freedom Square is among the 10 largest public squares in all of Europe. It has often served as a central location for political rallies and protests.

On March 1, the square was severely damaged by Russian missiles.

Mriya (the world’s largest aircraft)

At 85,000 kg, the Antonov An-225 Mriya was the largest aircraft ever built. The plane was somewhat of a tourist attraction as people often visited airport just to see it in person.

On February 24, the aircraft was destroyed when Russian forces attacked Hostomel Airport.

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