Augmented reality art installation launches underneath Cambie Bridge

Aug 10 2021, 11:36 pm

A one-of-a-kind public art installation featuring augmented reality and blockchain technology has been unveiled underneath the south end of the Cambie Bridge.

Voxel Bridge was created by Columbian artist Jessica Angel. The exhibition is 19,000-square-feet in size and was officially launched to the public on Tuesday.

The Vancouver Biennale, the art organization that worked with Angel, describes the artwork as a two-dimensional vinyl mural that wraps around the pedestrian walkway and underneath the bridge and its columns. The artwork explores how public space can be constructed and used both physically and digitally.

voxel bridge

Voxel Bridge/Vancouver Biennale

voxel bridge

Voxel Bridge/Vancouver Biennale

Upon first glance, it looks akin to a computer’s circuit board. Those who visit the installation can also download and use the Vancouver Biennale app to walk through the mural and dive into “an interactive digital wonderland.”

voxel bridge

A person using the Vancouver Biennale app to view Voxel Bridge in Augmented Reality (Vancouver Biennale)

An augmented reality adventure was developed for the installation by Spheroid Universe and supported by blockchain technology on the Kusama Network. It offers users 20 different interactive animations which also display the history of the Kusama network and how it was created, funded, and governed.

“This is not simply a mural or a piece of crypto art,” the Biennale says in a statement. “Voxel Bridge exists simultaneously in three worlds: in the real world under Vancouver’s Cambie Bridge, in Augmented Reality as experienced through the app, and in the live blockchain.”

(Voxel Bridge/Vancouver Biennale).

voxel bridge

Columbian aritst Jessica Angel (Vancouver Biennale)

Voxel Bridge is said to be the biggest blockchain-based augmented reality experience of its kind. The installation will remain in place and open to the public until 2023.

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