Will Vancouver get a white Christmas this year?

Dec 17 2021, 6:08 pm

Vancouverites should know better than to hope for a white Christmas, but with the region already getting snow in December, could we dare to dream?

On Friday, December 17, The Weather Network released its 2021 Holiday Snow Report that shows the likelihood of white Christmases across Canada.

According to the network, BC’s south coast is expected to see “colder than normal temperatures” and have higher than average odds of a white Christmas.

The odds are extremely “dependant on the timing and track of a couple of systems on the horizon from December 23 to 25,” said The Weather Network.

They say Vancouver has a “medium” chance of a white Christmas. Elevation and distance from the coast will also make a huge difference in whether or not places in Metro Vancouver will see snow on December 25.

Environment Canada’s historical white Christmas data shows that, on average, Vancouver has a 9% chance of a winter wonderland on Christmas day.

Will Vancouver get a white Christmas?

So, is Vancouver going to get a white Christmas? It’s going to come “down to the wire” in Vancouver based on what the coming weather systems do, but the odds of having a white Christmas are perhaps higher this year than usual.

And if you want to live somewhere with a 100% chance of a white Christmas, then you might want to try Iqaluit.

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