Beach stabbing among over 1,800 incidents in wild Vancouver weekend

May 15 2023, 8:46 pm

The heat seems to be causing erratic behaviour, and Vancouver police have revealed that it responded to over 1,800 incidents over the weekend.

A release from VPD states that the number represented a 36% increase from the same time last year. On top of that, there were 28 calls to the beach, representing a 250% increase from the same time the previous year.

Vancouver police also identified a few incidents of note, including one where an overdosing man was pickpocketed.

In one incident, a 23-year-old Vancouver man “was partying with a group of people at English Bay” on Friday when he got bear-sprayed in the face. The suspect disappeared into a crowd and was not located. Officers assisted the victim and remained with him until Vancouver Fire Rescue Services could decontaminate him.

In another case, a 16-year-old boy was stabbed multiple times at Davie and Denman Street on Friday night. He suffered “several superficial wounds” and was treated at the hospital. VPD says there’s an ongoing investigation into the stabbing, and while a suspect has not been identified, the victim said it was another teen.

Officers working in the Granville Entertainment District were called over to the Roxy on Friday, with people waiting in line reporting that a man flashed a gun at them. Police arrested the suspect, a 19-year-old Surrey man, and recovered a loaded handgun.

On Sunday in the Downtown Eastside, officers launched a robbery investigation after someone pickpocketed a man who was unconscious and overdosing. A 34-year-old suspect was arrested.

Vancouver police identified two other incidents of note, including one on the west side on Friday, when a man allegedly pulled a knife and assaulted a stranger in the locker room at Hillcrest Community Centre. A 32-year-old man was arrested and charged.

Lastly, in South Vancouver, over a dozen officers helped to arrest five armed and dangerous suspects who attempted to evade police in a vehicle late Friday night. Officers recovered two firearms from the vehicle.

“With more hot weather in the forecast, VPD anticipates demand for police services will remain high. Extra officers will patrol the busy beaches, parks, and entertainment areas to keep people safe,” said VPD Sergeant Steve Addison.

“While the vast majority of people stayed safe and acted responsibly, whenever we see this many people gathering outside, there’s bound to be more incidents requiring police.”

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