Vancouver weather forecast calling for five straight days of rain

May 30 2018, 5:09 pm

After blessing the region with bountiful blue skies, sunshine, and general summer-like weather, it appears Mother Nature is once again ready to turn on the taps, according to the latest Vancouver weather forecast.

According to Environment Canada, increasing cloudiness today will give way to at least five straight days of showers in the forecast.

And while the sun will show its face at some point on Saturday, rain will not be far behind.

weather forecast

Weather forecast (Environment Canada)

If there’s any consolation to this, it’s the fact that temperatures will be relatively comfortable, not too hot, and not too cold, hanging around the mid-teens for the foreseeable future.

And with dry conditions and an elevated forest fire risk already being seen in the province, a little more water on the ground isn’t such a bad thing.

Still, we already can’t wait for the sun to come back.

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