"I would rather go railfanning": Thousands of Vancouver students sign petition demanding a snow day

Feb 28 2023, 7:44 pm

A petition created years ago demanding a snow day in Vancouver has suddenly caught on fire, garnering well over 10,000 signatures in the last 24 hours.

Classes are in session for most schools around the Lower Mainland. Still, the Canadian Youth Society, the group that started the petition, believes commuting is unsafe on a day like today.

The petition details several concerns, like walking and driving for both students and teachers, and also TransLink’s “reliability,” which still seems to hold true despite the age of the petition.

“We understand that the timing may be strained; however, we believe that it would serve the best interests for all if we were to have a snow day,” reads the petition.

The petition is signed by concerned students, parents and teachers. Some reasons people have chosen to sign the petition in the last several hours are comical.

One person wrote that they were “signing because I want to play in the snow instead of going to school.”

Another person was pretty frank with their reason for signing, saying, “I hate the f***ing snow.”

Someone else wrote, “I’m lazy and I wanna stay home.”

One signee had some words of wisdom, writing, “Sometimes, the whole system needs a break so that it won’t break!”

Many students want to stay home and play video games, and one student said “I would rather go railfanning.” Other reasons for signing the petition were not so PG and featured many vulgar phrases, but you can click here to read them.

Do you think today’s weather in Vancouver warranted a snow day for these students?

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