Road-rager endangers pedestrian at the city's "worst" crosswalk (VIDEO)

May 22 2022, 6:19 pm

Everyone has that one intersection in their neighbourhood that they dread crossing. In Mount Pleasant, it’s definitely the crosswalk that spans six lanes of Kingsway by the community centre.

Mike H told Daily Hive that a car hit him while he was on his way to the Wallflower for lunch. “Once he approached me and hit me while walking,” he said.

Then, he was stopped but was in an “angry frenzy” yelling “Get out of the way!” at Mike H.

“At this moment I attempted to get the picture of his license plate,” he said.

“I was concerned as they accelerated and I was backstepping but was compelled to get their info to prevent the driver from acting out on impulse in the future to prevent further danger,” said Mike H, who said he reported the incident to the police.

Twitter user Michelle Hanley @piscesgurl69 posted a video, which was captured by a quick-thinking witnessĀ Kate Metton, to social media on Saturday, May 21 showing the conflict between the pedestrian and a driver at the crosswalk.

In the video, you can see a driver pushing forward into a pedestrian who pushes on the hood of their vehicle with their hands as they are pushed backwards.

Mike H was struck by the car at the crosswalk. When they stopped to take a photo of his license plate, the driver pushed into him again, sending him down the street.

“Iā€™ve seen soooo many people get hit here and the city said improving this crosswalk isnā€™t a priority,” wrote the Twitter user.

Replies to the video are in consensus ā€“ this crosswalk is dangerous.

“This crosswalk is so dangerous! Iā€™ve emailed the city before about at least putting a pedestrian push button and lights here. This is despicable behaviour,” wrote one commenter”

“It is the scariest crosswalk,” wrote another.

Do you have photos or videos that show a dangerous Vancouver crosswalk in your neighbourhood? Send it to us at [email protected].

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