Vancouver photographer captures mesmerizing shot of Orion Complex above English Bay

Mar 24 2021, 12:26 pm

Vancouver-based nature photographer Liron Gertsman just released a mesmerizing deep space image of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex setting over English Bay, taken last week.

“With Orion being a winter constellation in this part of the world, I have been itching to photograph it before it disappears below the horizon for another season,” explained Gerstman. 

With Stanley Park being located right next to downtown Vancouver, a heavily light-polluted area, Gerstman showed his impressive skills capturing this gorgeous shot.

“The image required a couple hours of exposure time to overcome the city’s light pollution, revealing spectacular details invisible to the naked eye,” explained Gertsman, recalling the different techniques he had to pull off the shot.

Currently studying biology at the University of British Columbia, Gerstman has won many awards for his breathtaking photo captures of what he calls “Earth’s essence,” including the youth category of the 2018 Audubon Photography Awards. Gerstman’s work has also been published in Canadian Geographic magazine, The Guardian, GEO magazine, and others.

You might have heard of him before, as he also captured this photo of the North America Nebula glowing in the night sky over The Lions. The photo notably went on to be featured by NASA.

Liron Gertsman

“Stargazing is such a fantastic pandemic activity, and with Spring rolling in, we can expect more clear skies in the months to come,” said Gertsman.

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