Vancouver photographer snaps Canadian Geographic's winning winter photo

Feb 25 2021, 4:42 pm

A Vancouver-based photographer has claimed the top prize for the Canadian Geographic magazine’s winter photography competition.

Diego Rebello submitted a stunning capture of a “Magical Winter Wonderland Night” for Canadian Geographic.

The theme of the photo was to capture an image that celebrates winter and how the season looks different across Canada.

Rebello won with his stunning “Magical Winter Wonderland Night” photo of Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, located in Field, BC.

Growing up in Brazil, Rebello told Daily Hive that “snow and winter was always something very distant for me and very magical at the same time.”

“When I was planning this shot, I wanted to get a very comfy winter wonderland that represents all my childhood Christmas dreams, and planned to get a night shot at Emerald Lake, including the lodge, stars and snowy mountains in the background, reflections on the lake, and use the snow around to compose the foreground and help framing.”


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BC’s winter weather certainly contributed to making his photo dreamlike by gifting him with a colourful sight.

“Luckily, after I framed my composition and spent some good hours outside in the cold weather, a super cool Aurora Borealis showed up in the sky, which is a rare phenomenon for that area, adding a cherry on the cake to my picture,” explained Rebello.

“I couldn’t be happier to get all these elements together in one single shot.”

Rebello picked up a passion for landscape photography around four years ago, but photography has always been a part of his life.

“As a kid, I always had one of those old disposable cameras around, and during college, I studied film photography for a year, but it was just in 2011 when I got my first DSLR.  By the time, I was mostly taking pictures of daily things and family vacations, always carrying a camera around.”

Always fascinated by mountains, notably how “powerful and peaceful” they look, Rebello explains that photography had an important role in his life during the pandemic.


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“Pushing me out of the house, spending hours in the nature shooting, not having contact with anyone, and most importantly, giving me purpose and goals in life,” he said.

“It’s so inspiring to be at places I want to photograph, transferring my vision to a picture and being able to share the joy of these beautiful places with my friends, hoping to bring a bit of light during these dark times.”

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