Vancouver Park Board approves $500 fine for feeding urban wildlife

Sep 28 2021, 5:12 pm

The Vancouver Park Board has another tool in its arsenal when it comes to protecting wildlife in Vancouver parks and the public who engage with them.

On Monday night, the Park Board voted unanimously to amend a bylaw around urban wildlife that would see violators being fined up to $500. Park Rangers and police will be able to give out the tickets.

This move comes on the heels of numerous coyote attacks that have taken place in Stanley Park since December of 2020.

The bylaw still needs to be enacted, and this could happen as soon as October 4.

During Monday’s Park Board meeting, officials said human beings play a vital role in the natural balance when it comes to urban wildlife.

Chad Townsend, senior environment and sustainability planner with the Park Board, was the main presenter during the meeting.

During his presentation, Townsend used photos to highlight the problem, including one that showed a photographer taking pictures of raccoons, and the food that was used to bait them.


Vancouver Park Board

“Directly or indirectly, feeding was involved in many of the aggressive incidents,” said Townsend.

He brought up the fact that all it took for conservation officers to lure a coyote was to rustle a chip bag.

Five hundred dollars was chosen as the fine for those feeding urban wildlife in Vancouver.

The amendment to the bylaw doesn’t just apply to coyotes; it also applies to birds and other mammals.

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