Four new murals being created in North Shore's Edgemont Village

Aug 12 2021, 5:30 pm

The sixth annual Vancouver Mural Fest (VMF) is well underway with exciting live performances, informative tours, and over 60 new murals to discover.

Dozens of murals are being painted and unveiled in 11 different neighbourhoods this year, including four new murals in North Vancouver’s Edgemont Village. This is the first time in festival history that VMF has expanded outside of the City of Vancouver.

Just minutes away from the Capilano Suspension Bridge, Edgemont Village is described as having a mountain resort town vibe. It’s a great place to stop for lunch or dinner on your way to Grouse Mountain or the Salmon Hatchery and of course to see amazing murals.

“Edgemont Village is the latest shining example of the community spirit behind bringing murals to a neighbourhood,” said VMF in a release. “Locals and visitors can even enjoy local musicians performing while artists transform their giant canvases into beautiful murals.

“The four brand new murals currently being painted were community-initiated and community-funded. With support from North Van Arts, the murals were generously funded by local businesses and residents to bring colour and vibrancy to the area.”

Murals to see in Edgemont Village

Cynthia Tran VO – Accompanied by Wildlife

Vancouver Mural Fest

Cynthia Tran VO for VMF 2021 (Mavreen David / Submitted)

Cynthia Tran VO is a multidisciplinary designer based in Vancouver and is a graduate of Capilano University’s Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications (IDEA Program).  Accompanied by Wildlife explores the different elements of sustainability that come together to protect and nourish the community.

Bears are no strangers to Edgemont Village,” said Tran in the artist statement. “We have coexisted for a long time and this fact reminds us of how successful we’ve been in sharing our home with wildlife, and vice versa. The way we care for this community plays a part in the animal’s lives too.”

Accompanied by Wildlife can be found at 3101 Woodbine Drive.

Kari Kristensen – Coast Range Reflected

Vancouver Mural Fest

Kari Kristensen for VMF 2021 (Mavreen David / Submitted)

Kari Kristensen is a Vancouver-based contemporary artist. She is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she studied Art History and Classical Studies. Kari’s VMF 2021 mural, Coast Range Reflected, is “an extension of the artist’s printmaking practice”, according to the artist statement.

“Where instead of leaving an impression on paper through ink on carved linoleum, spray paint is used to mark Kari’s deep respect for our landscape. This piece is a contemporary rendition of the artistic traditions of Canadian landscapes, using strong and minimal lines to evoke awe with a monochromatic palette to highlight depth through light and shadows. Reflections in the work mimic the pristine landscapes reflected along B.C. waters. There, repetition is used in memory of Kari’s connection to them and in representing their prominence across continents and cultures.”

Coast Range Reflected can be found at 3060 Edgemont Boulevard.

Siobhan Joseph – Taking Care of Animals

Vancouver Mural Fest

Siobhan Joseph for VMF 2021 (Mavreen David / Submitted)

Siobhan Joseph is a Squamish Nation artist and designer. Her VMF 2021 mural, Taking Care of Animals, is a contemporary design along with Coast Salish artistic influences.

“The three animals presented in the design represent the animals that humans most likely care for,” Joseph said in her artist statement. “The dog represents the four legged mammals, the turtle represents the amphibians and reptiles, and the parrot represents the winged animals. I wanted to go for a more colourful palette and went with a monochromatic feel.”

Taking Care of Animals can be found at 3044 Highland Boulevard.

Jessica Fortner – Heron by Sea

Vancouver Mural Fest

Jessica Fortner for VMF 2021 (Mavreen David / Submitted)

Jessica Fortner is a Vancouver illustrator acclaimed for her vibrant and energizing paintings. In her VMF artist statement, she describes Heron by Sea as an exploration of finding connection through community and nature.

“As a newcomer to Vancouver, my mural reflects the strong community and natural beauty of the city and how they have helped sustain me through being isolated during the pandemic,” said Fortner in the statement. “Being new to a city can be a lonely experience, especially when socially isolated. We find connection in the things that we love, whether that be art, nature, movement, etc. Our passions guide us in exploring new spaces, shaping future adventures and lasting friendships.”

Heron by Sea can be found at 3151 Edgemont Boulevard.

Running until August 22, VMF 2021 includes over 60 new murals being painted and unveiled in 11 different neighbourhoods all across the city. Discover new public artworks in Mount Pleasant, Cambie Village, Downtown, Edgemont Village, Hogan’s Alley, Marpole, Punjabi Market, River District, South Granville, Strathcona, and the West End.

There are also dozens of in-person and online events to check out, including daily mural tours, public talks and workshops, and over 40 live performances at an open-air, pop-up patio in Mount Pleasant.

Download the VMF MOBILE APP to find and learn about over 300 murals—including 60+ new murals—across the city. Visit and follow @vanmuralfest for details, event calendar, and updates for Vancouver Mural Festival 2021 (August 4 to 22).

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