Vancouver ranked 22nd most expensive city in the world for moving costs

Aug 1 2019, 6:58 pm

When it comes to the relocation costs for highly skilled workers, Vancouver ranks within the top quarter of a list of 85 global cities evaluated in a new ranking.

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Berlin-based moving company Movinga, which has a major presence across Europe, calculated the landing costs of moving to a new city to provide an understanding of how much money is needed for the first three months in a new city while settling in.

In US dollars per month, Vancouver’s transportation costs are pegged at $73, food and drink costs are $468, and phone bills are $53.

But the main driving factor for Vancouver’s relatively elevated ranking, of course, centres on housing costs, with temporary accommodations and permanent residence costs estimated at $1,467 and $1,470, respectively, per month. However, Vancouver’s 29th ranking for housing costs is closer to the middle of the pack — just behind Gothenburg, Sweden and ahead of Seattle.

The total costs for Vancouver come to $7,874 for an individual, just behind Toronto (overall 21st ranking) at $7,939.

Montreal was the only other Canadian city considered by the group to be a global city worthy of evaluation and ranked 51st at $5,371 in total costs.

For the monthly cost of phone bills, all three Canadian cities unsurprisingly had the highest costs among all cities evaluated; Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto were followed by Osaka, Tokyo, and Detroit when it comes to phone bills.

These comparative findings are particularly useful for individuals and families who are deciding to relocate, especially in the context of a global economy that has an increasingly fluid and mobile labour pool.

“Despite the rise in anti-globalization sentiment in recent years, there’s no sign of high skilled migration slowing down anytime soon. With a clear demand for certain skills, global companies are now competing with each other for top talent, which means that there are more opportunities across borders than ever before,” said Finn Age Hänsel, managing director of Movinga, in a statement.

“With our mission to help people to relocate, we see that often individuals say ‘yes’ to job opportunities because of the attractive offer, but don’t give as much thought to the realities of moving to a different city in terms of the real estate market and the true cost of living.”

World’s most expensive cities for moving costs 2019

  1. San Francisco, USA
  2. New York City, USA
  3. Geneva, Switzerland
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Zurich, Switzerland
  6. Boston, USA
  7. Dublin, Ireland
  8. Reykjavik, Iceland
  9. Singapore
  10. Los Angeles, USA
  11. Sydney, Australia
  12. Washington DC, USA
  13. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  14. Miami, USA
  15. Doha, Qatar
  16. Oslo, Norway,
  17. Seattle, USA
  18. London, UK
  19. Copenhagen, Denmark
  20. Paris, France
  21. Toronto, Canada
  22. Vancouver, Canada
  23. Chicago, USA
  24. Stockholm, Sweden
  25. Seoul, South Korea

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