"Now I have to move out": Vancouver mother shares alarming break-in story (VIDEO)

Feb 8 2023, 9:33 pm

A mother of two who lives in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant is struggling in the aftermath of a troubling break-in that occurred “in broad daylight.”

Katarina Bousaleh shared her story with Daily Hive, and the Vancouver mother is facing the reality of moving following this break-in out of fear of being targeted by the same thief.

Bousaleh told Daily Hive that she reached out to the Vancouver Police Department, which told her it would respond to her the next day but has yet to do so.

The incident occurred in the middle of the afternoon last week. Bousaleh shared some stills from surveillance footage on her Instagram page and she suggests it took the alleged thief less than 10 minutes to get in through a window.

Among the stolen items were jackets, hair straighteners, her kids’ clothing, hoodies, and Bousaleh’s three favourite bags and sunglasses.

“He touched my kid’s bed and ruffled through the home,” Bousaleh said.

To make matters worse, Bousaleh is currently in school, tending to her two children, one of whom is only four months old, and she’s raising them on her own at the moment.

“A neighbour even saw him leaving with all my LED masks and just thought maybe he was from another unit. Didn’t say anything,” Bousaleh said.

Oddly, the stolen goods were primarily women’s items, including makeup, and other things like iPads and TVs weren’t taken.

All of this happened in broad daylight.

Bousaleh said that she’s had her vehicle broken into a bunch, “but someone going through my children’s items is a different kind of invasion.”

The stolen items aren’t the worst part for Bousaleh, who doesn’t feel like the incident was random and feels she was targeted by the individual involved.

“Now I have to move out, find a place, all my favourite items gone,” she said.

“It’s not safe to live there.”

Bousaleh is also upset that no one who might have witnessed this said or did anything.

“I just don’t get how people see a man with three purses on his shoulder and don’t say anything.”

An Instagram page known as @Vancouver_True_Crime shared some more details about the incident in a video:

Vancouver Police told Daily Hive that the incident occurred on February 4 and that several designer handbags were taken. Police added that the incident occurred in an apartment near Fraser and East 27 Street and that the file is currently under investigation.

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