You can see these Vancouver landmarks in Mario Kart

Feb 12 2020, 7:25 pm

You can always take on new, uncharted territory in Mario Kart,Ā  from race tracks to rainbow roads, and now — the streets of Vancouver.

Mario Kart Tour for Android and iOS is known to regularly feature real-world locations in its courses, and last week, announced it would be adding a Vancouver course as one of its locations, starting this week.

With the game now available, we’ll leave it to you to decide how accurate these landmarks are:

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Mario Vancouver

Mario Kart Tour Vancouver/Reddit

Complete with the lights that line the bridge, the suspension bridge makes an appearance on the course for Vancouver.

Gastown Steam Clock

Mario Vancouver

Mario Kart Tour Vancouver/Reddit

On either side of the starting line, you can see two steam clocks, resembling the famous steam clock beloved by tourists in Gastown.

Downtown Vancouver near waterfront

mario vancouver

Mario Kart Tour Vancouver/Reddit

The Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant near waterfront is the focal point of the downtown skyline seen in the game.

Vancouver Park

Mario Vancouver

Mario Kart Tour Vancouver/Reddit

“Vancouver Park” also makes an appearance in the game, alluding to the city’s famous Stanley Park.

Olympic Cauldron

Mario Vancouver


Just in time for the ten-year anniversary of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics you can see the famous Olympic cauldron seen in Jack Poole Plaza, with the Lion’s Gate bridge see in the background.

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