Someone stole Vancouver's Dude Chilling Park sign again

Jul 4 2018, 6:57 am

It looks like someone has no chill because Vancouver’s Dude Chilling Park sign has been stolen– again.

The park —which is located at 2390 Brunswick Street— is known to be one of the chillest spots in Vancouver, literally and figuratively.

According to Alex Downie, Manager of Park Operations for the Vancouver Park Board, the sign was stolen during the week of June 25.

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Downie says the  Park Board suspects it was stolen “as a souvenir to decorate someone’s basement [or] rec room.”

The last time the park’s sign was stolen was back in 2014 and it was never recovered.

Downie adds that the sign itself “was not of high value” because it was made from green painted aluminium sheet stock with vinyl lettering.

But residents shouldn’t worry. The chill will be returned to the park as a replacement (possibly chiller?) sign is scheduled to be installed on July 6.

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