"It was triggering": Vancouver crow attacks increase in number and ferocity

May 18 2023, 11:00 pm

In Metro Vancouver, it’s that time of year when crow attacks terrorize residents from the front and the rear.

Springtime to early summer is crow nesting season, and with eggs and young chicks being vulnerable to predators, overprotective crows are prepared to protect their babies.

An online tool used to track crow attacks has had an astounding number of reports over the past couple of weeks and particularly over the past few days.

One user reported that a crow dove three times while following them for 50 metres in the early morning on Tuesday and Wednesday, a multi-day terror.

Two people reported similarly hairy crow encounters near West Broadway and Balaclava Street.

One person said, “Swooped twice, grabbed my hair 2nd time.”

The other report in the area reads, “Swooped down and shook up my hair. Did this on a repeated basis.”

A crow on Davie Street got quite aggressive, according to the following report.

“Crow dive bombed and pounded the back of my head.”

In two separate reports, a crow actually broke skin.

“It attacked from behind and drew blood.”

Another victim said, “Hit my head, pecked my crown, bleeding. I lost balance, cut my foot.”

Did you know that crows like McDonald’s?

“This crow was trying to get into my car I think it’s because I left my McDonald’s [in] my car. When I got back from my shopping trip it was trying to get in but [it] flew off when I got back.”

The report from the Beach Avenue area might be the best and most optimistic of them all.

“I got swooped here. It was triggering but that’s show biz baby… Y’gotta live, laugh, love through it.”

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