Vancouver Canucks goalie Holtby got his pet turtles into Canada

Nov 20 2020, 11:29 pm

Vancouver’s newest goaltender got a helping hand in saving his family’s pets.

Earlier this week, Brandi Holtby, the wife of new Canucks goalie Braden Holtby, reached out to Twitter with a snapping dilemma.

Maple and Honey, the Holtby family’s turtles, got stuck at the Canadian-US border.

Oh… and so did Holtby.

“We didn’t know we needed an export permit,” Brandi explained on Twitter. “So now Braden is stuck at the border with two tortoises.”

Brandi announced on Thursday that the US Fish and Wildlife Service was “aware of the situation” and “working on a solution to get Braden and the boys home.”

And on Friday afternoon, Braden, along with Honey and Maple, was able to enter the Great White North.

“Thank you for everyone’s concern,” Brandi said. “Now you may laugh at the image of Braden being stuck at the border with a tortoise under each arm.”

Talk about getting some shell-ebrity treatment.

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