"Enough is enough Vancouver": Business broken into twice in one week (VIDEO)

Oct 11 2022, 7:56 pm

Multiple break-ins at a downtown Vancouver business has left the owner visibly frustrated by the uptick of vandalism and theft in the city.

Sebastian & Co, an old-world butcher shop located at 1299 Howe Street, shared surveillance video from the recent incidents over Instagram.

One video of shattered glass and broken supplies on the floor was shared with text that read, “Enough is enough Vancouver.”

Sebastian & Co/Instagram

The business also shared two incidents caught on tape over the long weekend.

According to the owner Sebastian Cortez someone broke in by breaking a window early Monday morning, around 4 am.

In one video, someone can be seen behind the counter searching through draws, shelves and the cash register. 

However, since the store was robbed just last week, Cortez said they don’t have a cash register. 

“We’re still kind of recovering from that robbery and we got robbed again,” Cortez said. 

The owner told Daily Hive the person that broke in attempted to walk out with the stores printers, “But I think he got spooked by someone outside and he dropped everything and just ran with nothing in his hands.”

Not long after that person fled the aread, another person walked into the shop. 

“The whole window was completely shattered [and there was a] big opening and [a] lady walked by and saw the opportunity,” Cortez said. 

This person can also be seen on surveillance camera “casually shoplifting.”

“She started grabbing whatever she could … She was very calm … almost like she was just shopping at a grocery store,” the owner said. 

“So that was the second incident that happened that same night.”

Since opening in 2021, Sebastian & Co Fine Meats has been victim to five incidents.

“In the past probably two months we have been targeted three times already,” he said. “It is definitely getting worse and worse and worse recently.”

Cortez said there is not a lot stolen, but there was significant property damage.

Cortez asked his viewers online to give any advice about what can be done in the city to improve conditions.

“It’s absolutely crazy. I really don’t know what to do with this city anymore,” he said. “Not sure if we might have to take matters into our own hands. But it’s crazy.”

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