"Filthy animals" leave Vancouver beach a garbage-filled mess (PHOTOS)

May 1 2023, 7:38 pm

Beachgoers have left a Vancouver beach a garbage-filled mess, and they’ve been coined “filthy animals” in a social media post.

Pictures were shared to the Vancouver subreddit one day ago, with a post titled “Nothing but a bunch of filthy animals.”

The post also stated, “When did people stop caring to clean up after themselves?”

The garbage-filled Vancouver beach in question is English Bay, and the Vancouver Park Board has chimed in on the matter.

The Reddit post quickly rose to the top of the front page of the Vancouver subreddit and netted over 700 comments.

“Just absolute bottom rung humans on full display here,” read one of the comments.

garbage-filled vancouver beach


The beach was incredibly busy over the weekend, with hot temperatures finally arriving in Vancouver.

Another Reddit user chimed in, saying that Vancouver Park Board employees had cleaned it all up later that night.

garbage-filled vancouver beach


“We were really disappointed”

A spokesperson for the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation essentially verified what one Redditor claimed, that Park Board crews, along with City Sanitation, “were out from daybreak on Sunday to return parks and beaches to a safe and hygienic standard for all users and prevent debris from spreading into communities and the sea, or becoming an attractant to wildlife.”

“While we thank everyone who disposed of their garbage properly, we were really disappointed to see such an incredible amount of garbage including food, packaging and BBQ equipment left on the city’s beautiful public spaces.”

The Park Board reminds the public to keep parks and beaches clean by “packing out what you pack in” and to dispose of all trash in the nearest garbage, recycling or organics bins.

“Sanitation has increased service levels by adding additional bins to popular beaches and seawalls and destination parks and have increased the number of service visits. Both Park Board and Sanitation teams will be monitoring high traffic locations throughout the summer and adjusting service levels on a regular basis.”

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