Uber drivers in Metro Vancouver making average of $24 per hour after costs

Oct 1 2021, 11:57 pm

Much has been said about the feasibility of earning a living as a driver for Uber, but a new analysis suggests Metro Vancouver fairs better than many of the ride-hailing giant’s major global markets.

Uber drivers in this region make an average of $29.95 per session hour, including $3.32 in tips and other earnings, according to consulting firm Accenture. This average drops to $24.38 per session hour, which is 60% above the minimum wage in British Columbia, and 25% above the living wage in Metro Vancouver.

As another comparison, after costs, the median earnings per session hour for an Uber driver is $22.35 — higher than $17.99 for taxi and limousine drivers and chauffeurs, $18.90 for delivery and courier service drivers, $16.61 for food and beverage servers, and $16.61 for retail salespersons.

And 71% of local drivers spend under 25 hours or less per week driving, including 46% less than 15 hours, and 21% between 15 and 25 hours. Many people drive for Uber part-time as a supplemental income to other work they are engaged in.

Only one-fifth (20%) of Uber drivers work the equivalent of a full-time job (35+ hours).

Moreover, drivers on Uber usually work outside of weekday daytimes; one-in-two drivers spend at least 50% of their time on Uber outside of weekday daytimes, 21% of drivers spend three quarters or more of their time outside of weekday daytimes, and just 4% work only outside of weekday daytimes.

Metro Vancouver’s Uber drivers are overwhelmingly male (97%), and about four-in-10 drivers are between the ages of 18 and 44.

Various makes of Toyota account for 24 of the top 30 vehicles used by drivers on the Uber app in Metro Vancouver, including the top 11, with the top vehicle being the Toyota Corolla 2021.

Accenture’s findings in the analysis were based on data from Uber, which commissioned the report focusing on the state of their drivers in the company’s Metro Vancouver market.

Uber first launched in BC in January 2020 within a small service in the city of Vancouver, and it has since expanded to serve nearly all of Metro Vancouver and much of the Fraser Valley. It currently has an application to further expand its ride-hailing services to Victoria and Kelowna.

Earlier this month, in filings, Uber stated it is on track to record its first-ever profitable quarter, following a turbulent period throughout much of 2020 that continued well into 2021.

uber metro vancouver map january 2021

Uber service map in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. (Uber)

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