Metro Vancouver residents believe ride-hailing is better than taxis in key factors: survey

Nov 7 2020, 1:44 am

Ten months into the introduction of ride-hailing in Metro Vancouver, just 19% of residents report they have used a local ride-hailing service, according to a new survey by Research Co.

The relatively low numbers can likely be attributed to the initial limited geographical coverage and fleet sizes of Lyft and Uber, and more importantly the onset of COVID-19 within weeks after the launch of the services.

Younger age groups were more likely to report the use of ride-hailing in BC, including 26% amongst ages 18 to 34 and 18% for ages 35 to 54. Only 4% of ages 55 and over have used local ride-hailing.

Based on the Metro Vancouver respondents who have had a ride-hailing experience in BC, a majority said ride-hailing is better than regular taxis over various factors

With vehicle pick-up waiting times, 56% said the experience is better than taxis and 30% about the same. There were similar proportions for vehicle cleanliness, with 56% saying ride-hailing is better and 32% about the same.

Both ride-hailing giants are known for their advantageous apps, with 61% indicating payment options are better than regular taxis and 25% about the same. Ride-hailing is also better for the overall cost to use the service, with 62% noting it is better and 27% about the same.

In a few other areas, there was not majority agreement. On passenger safety, 41% said this aspect is better than regular taxis, and 45% said about the same as regular taxis.

However, the gap narrows when it comes to whether ride-hailing is better than taxis with transparency and accountability. With transparency, 47% said it is better and 39% about the same. There are similar proportions for accountability, with 49% believing ride-hailing to be better and 37% noting the same as taxis.

For broader opinions, 72% of BC residents support allowing ride-hailing services to operate, while 20% are opposed and 8% are undecided. Within Metro Vancouver, 76% are in support and 17% are in opposition.

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