Uber Eats launches new game-changing features including bill splitting

Mar 9 2022, 5:27 pm

Good news for groups who love ordering in together: Uber Eats has finally launched its bill-splitting feature in Canada.

The ride-sharing app’s fare-splitting feature has always been much-loved by riders; now foodies can enjoy the same simple food-sharing feature.

In addition to now being able to effortlessly share meals together by inviting others to join your order in-app, there are a few more features that were launched recently on Uber Eats.

The brand has dropped a “Deadlines” feature, meaning hosts can create a group order and set a checkout deadline that works for everyone involved.

Deadlines can be set up a week in advance, and hosts can set up auto-checkouts with this feature too.

Auto-reminders are another new thing to check out on the platform. This means the system will prompt auto-reminders for folks to get their orders in on time so hosts don’t have to.

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