Starbucks puts immediate pause on store operations in Russia

Mar 9 2022, 1:13 am

Starbucks is joining the growing list of companies that are putting a stop to business activities in Russia.

Kevin Johnson, the CEO and president of Starbucks, put out a statement addressing the situation.

“We condemn the horrific attacks on Ukraine by Russia and our hearts go out to all those affected.”

This news follows a statement put out by Johnson last week, revealing that Starbucks runs 130 stores in Russia that are operated by a licensed partner.

Today’s statement reveals that Starbucks is suspending all business activity in Russia, which includes the shipment of all Starbucks products. The licensed partner mentioned in the statement will be provided support, “who depend on Starbucks for their livelihood.”

“Through this dynamic situation, we will continue to make decisions that are true to our mission and values and communicate with transparency,” added Johnson.

“Thank you for the care and concern you are sharing with me and your leaders. As always, I’m extremely proud to be your partner.”

The news follows a similar move by another giant in the food industry, with McDonald’s announcing that it would also be temporarily closing all of its restaurants in Russia.


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