New global university rankings put UBC at #3 in Canada

Jun 11 2022, 5:40 pm

The University of British Columbia just got included in a new global ranking and came out looking pretty good.

According to the new QS World University Rankings 2023: Top global universities, UBC is the third-highest ranking university in Canada.

Canadian university rankings

  1. McGill University, #31 globally
  2. University of Toronto, #34 globally
  3. University of British Columbia, #47 globally
  4. University of Alberta, #110 globally
  5. Université de Montréal, #116 globally
  6. McMaster University, #152 globally
  7. University of Waterloo, #154 globally
  8. Western University, #172 globally
  9. University of Ottawa, #237 globally
  10. University of Calgary, #242 globally

The top three Canadian universities ranked at around the same level on the global list, but there’s a big difference between where UBC and U of A ranked, with 64 institutions between the two.

Globally, the top three universities were Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Cambridge, and Stanford University.

The list ranked 1,500 institutions based on eight indicators:

  1. International Students Ratio
  2. International Research Network
  3. International Faculty Ratio
  4. Faculty Student Ratio
  5. Citations per Faculty
  6. Academic Reputation
  7. Employer Reputation
  8. Employment Outcomes

The different indicators give a more holistic view of what the university experience is like for both students and employees.

To determine the academic reputation, the ranking collates “expert opinions from the higher education space, creating the largest survey of academic opinion in the world.”

Institutions with many international students and faculty demonstrate their ability to attract people worldwide. Multinational environments are good for building “international sympathies and global awareness,” said the rankings.

You can check out the full ranking and learn more about how Canadian schools are stacking up globally.

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