Traveller blasts Vancouver Airbnb over dirty sheets (VIDEO)

May 4 2023, 11:22 pm

Is Airbnb worth it these days? Not in Vancouver, according to one traveller.

TikTok user “Ali” @coffeetillvodka shared their recent experience staying in Vancouver at an Airbnb with friends. They were all in town for a show and decided to split a $700 per night Airbnb together.

But the experience wasn’t cute, according to Ali. In fact, from a difficult parking situation to finding wet sheets and surprises on the linen ā€“ they regret not staying at a hotel instead.

Here’s the video detailing their experience:


Princess post, but i am so done with @airbnb the unit was dirty, overpriced, poorly stocked with the basics. Next time its the @Hyatt Vancouver for me! For that kind of money i want fluffy robes and clean sheets. Not wet sheets and body fluids šŸ¤¢ AND the host asked for a 5 star review. #airbnb #badairbnb @GEORDIE #geordiekeiffer #vancouver #thecobalt #thecobaltvancouver

ā™¬ Sex Party – Geordie Kieffer

Daily Hive has reached out to the TikTok user for more information and will update this story.

The pullout couch was a big issue because it wasn’t actually a comfortable mattress, it was a hard leather couch. And there were no sheets for it.

So, they looked in the linen closet for sheets and found a damp duvet that wasn’t clean.

“After putting the wet sheets on, we realized someone had left something on the duvet, it obviously had not been cleaned.”

Another issue was a sign detailing all the cleaning protocols guests had to undertake as they checked out.


TikTok Airbnb

“I’m sorry, if I’m paying a $70 cleaning fee, I’m not starting the laundry and taking the garbage to another part of the building.”

They had hoped to make use of a lovely espresso maker featured in the Airbnb photos, but instead found a regular coffee maker with old, leftover coffee grinds still inside.

Finally, what the TikToker calls “the icing on the cake” was that there was no toilet paper and she had to go purchase some during her stay.

“I think Airbnb used to be a cheaper alternative to hotels, and there was cute little details,” they said, reflecting on a previous wonderful experience at an Airbnb.

“For $700 a night, I’m not taking out the garbage, I’m not doing the laundry, I’m not buying my own toilet paper…and I shouldn’t have to sleep on a j***-covered duvet.”

None of the claims in this story have been proven.

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