Is that allowed? TransLink weighs in on heated bus debate (PHOTO)

Mar 16 2023, 8:45 pm

A photo of a Vancouver bus that was shared on Twitter, which led to a heated debate and backlash, has been addressed by TransLink.

An argument broke out on Twitter after a user shared a photo of someone loading or unloading a stroller full of bags of recyclables.

Based purely on likes and reactions, the photo and tweet were divisive, to say the very least.

Out of respect for the people pictured, we’ve blurred the faces in the original tweet pictured below.

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The tweet came from Dave Pasin, who ran as an NPA Park Board candidate in the most recent Vancouver civic election but wasn’t elected.

We contacted Pasin for comment, who suggested drivers are in “no-win situations because if they don’t allow them, they get complaints, and if they do allow them, they get complaints.”

Many people went out of their way to criticize and attack Pasin for what some referred to as an insensitive take.

The extreme vitriol by certain people is really quite disturbing,” Pasin added.

Most people defended the passenger, with some suggesting they were trying to make a little money and to “have some compassion.”

Others pointed out the cultural aspect of the situation.

“This Asian elder is likely in her 80s. Many Asian seniors collect [cans] to supplement the very low OAS, GIS CPP. How is a senior living in poverty [supposed] to get around without taking public transit?!” one tweet said in response.

They added, “kudos to the @TransLink driver for supporting marginalized seniors.”

Vancouver radio host Drex said, “Wannabe politicians love giving their social media hot takes on the poor, don’t they?

Not everyone agreed, with one person remarking on the “impact of sitting next to filthy stinking garbage” on a commute.

TransLink weighs in on the Twitter bus debate

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We contacted TransLink, which gave us its take on the Twitter bus debate.

A spokesperson told Daily Hive Urbanized that public transit is “meant to be accessible to all people in Metro Vancouver.”

“TransLink and CMBC have a responsibility to provide service to any customer. Bus riders are permitted to bring bags of cans onto buses, at the operator’s discretion to ensure customer safety, as long as they aren’t leaking fluid and don’t pose a tripping hazard aboard the bus.”

The spokesperson added that the time of day, specific routes and customer service volumes could also determine the acceptability in certain situations.

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