Bus delays due to snowfall, SkyTrain being manually driven

Dec 9 2016, 11:29 pm

Public transit service across Metro Vancouver has deteriorated throughout the day with snowfall intensifying and accumulating on train tracks and roads.

All three SkyTrain lines are currently operating normally, but are experiencing much higher demand as more people are opting not to drive. All trains on both the Expo and Millennium lines are now being manually driven by attendants at the front of each train, which also means trains may be operating at slower speeds.

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Train frequency is slightly reduced in SkyTrain’s manual ‘snow mode’, with Expo Line trains operating every three minutes and Millennium Line trains every six minutes.

The intricate system of weight-sensitive and infrared track intrusion alarms at station platforms have been disabled to eliminate problems associated with falling ice and snow triggering a false alarm. Instead, SkyTrain attendants are stationed at every platform to provide visual confirmation that objects or persons have not fallen into the track.

🎶 We are riding in a snowy wonderland. ☃

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Buses across Metro Vancouver are significantly delayed due to snow and higher than usual passenger volumes. In some cases, service has been canceled, particularly routes to Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby Mountain campus.

The 145 route from Production Way-University Station to SFU has been suspended, and the 135 route from downtown Vancouver to SFU is terminating before SFU at Hastings and Duthie streets.

Both routes utilize the long 60-foot articulated buses, which tend to experience issues on snow due to the heavy rears of the vehicles and especially on icy sloped routes. Due to the conditions, SFU closed all three of its campuses mid-afternoon and canceled its remaining exams for the day at 3:30 pm and 7 pm.

Here is the full list of major bus service disruptions as of 3:30 pm:

  • 145 SFU: Service suspended. Two shuttles are operating between Production Way Station and SFU.
  • 135 SFU: Service is terminating at Hastings & Duthie streets, and 3 shuttles operating between there and SFU
  • 210 Upper Lynn Valley: Regular route to Mountain Hwy & Dempsey, then via Dempsey to Underwood terminus.
  • 210 Vancouver: Regular route to Coleman & Hoskins, then via Hoskins, Dempsey, Mountain Hwy, regular route.
  • 20 Downtown/Victoria: Regular route to Main & Hastings, then detouring via Main, Broadway before returning to Commercial, regular route. (Commercial is very slick between 1st Ave and Hastings St.)
  • The 151, 152 and 169 routes are on diversion off Mariner Way in Coquitlam, using Lougheed Highway instead.

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