Toronto Maple Leafs fans voted "most annoying" in NHL

Jul 4 2022, 3:23 pm

Toronto Maple Leafs fans have a reputation, and it isn’t necessarily the best one.

In a survey conducted by hockey stats aficionado “JFresh,” Leafs fans won the top crown as both the “most annoying” and “most delusional” fanbase in the NHL.

As someone who’s spent the vast majority of their life living in the Toronto market, well, yeah.

This is, after all, the fanbase that likes to hold a referendum on its management after virtually every loss, while also hyping up the team’s Stanley Cup chances after every win.

JFresh’s survey took in over 6,500 responses, and Toronto topped the list, beating out the New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, and Edmonton Oilers for the top spot. It really wasn’t close, all things considered.

Oh, they’re also the “most unhinged and prone to melting down over nothing.”

There was some saving grace, though. Just behind Montreal, Philly, Vegas, and Vancouver, nearly 80% of Leafs fans were okay to voteĀ themselves as annoying.

League-wide though, there was clearly an anti-Leafs sentiment.

It’s a long offseason. Here’s to some real news dropping in the next week, so Leafs and their fans can go back to arguing about something tangible.

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