Blue Jays player in hot water once again over social media posts

Apr 21 2023, 3:12 pm

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass is under fire once again this week, sharing another post on social media that has been met with outrage by fans.

The 35-year-old relief pitcher made international headlines this week when he tweeted a photo of his children on a commercial airliner surrounded by discarded popcorn, and called out the flight crews for demanding his pregnant wife clean up the mess.

Bass’ initial tweet triggered a debate over whether parents should or should not be expected to clean up after their children, a conversation that rages on days later.

The pitcher would stand firm on his expectation that the popcorn was the flight crew’s responsibility, even doubling down on the incident by posting a follow-up tweet showing one of his daughters holding a family-size bag of popcorn, a move that would land him the wrath of the Twitterverse.

But just when interest in the debate had started to wane, Bass took to Twitter yet again, this time, quoting a controversial television host who claims to be a friend of Bass and his wife Sydney.

Bass quote-tweeted controversial on-air personality Tomi Lahren, who works for the same Fox News network that airs content advocating for a military invasion of Canada.

Lahren herself has also faced controversy in the past for stances like comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to a hate organization, the Ku Klux Klan.

“Since Anthony and Sydney Bass are friends of mine, I’m going to go ahead and set the record straight,” says the Fox host, who, in 2018, said that the “highlight” of her Thanksgiving holiday had been watching US border guards fire tear gas canisters at migrants seeking refuge by crossing the Mexico border.

But it seems Bass has only further incensed fans by bringing Lahren into the equation.

Bass shared just a few words in that tweet on Thursday evening, a short statement that has been devastatingly ratioed with over 300 quote tweets and almost 700,000 views.

“After publicly punching down on a flight attendant, Anthony Bass decided that the way to win back supporters was to engage… Tomi Lahren as a character witness,” reads one comment, continuing, “Let’s see how committed Shapiro is to the ‘no dickheads’ bullet point on his office whiteboard.”

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