Toronto Blue Jays pitcher under fire once again for viral popcorn incident

Apr 18 2023, 2:59 pm

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass is at the centre of controversy after publicly complaining about his wife having to clean up after their own children on an airplane. But Bass is now showing off his sense of humour by trolling the (thousands of) people who have called him things like “entitled” and “privileged.”

The image of two small children seated on a commercial airline among a debris field of popcorn, and the expectation by the pitcher that flight crews should clean up after his family, made news across the continent since it was posted Sunday, even appearing on international outlets.

Bass appeared to have resolved the issue with United Airlines internally, and the heat over his comments was just beginning to die down when the relief pitcher decided to stoke the flames by poking fun at critics.

On Monday evening, Bass shared a photo of his young daughter with a family-size bag of Skinny Pop popcorn, captioned with a lone popcorn emoji.

The self-aware joke wasn’t met with the warmest of receptions, reigniting criticism of Bass.

One commenter calls out the pitcher for attempting to make light of a situation where he tried to have workers fired for not cleaning up after his family.

Several comments accuse Bass of hiding behind his kids to shield himself from the fallout of the situation.

Popular baseball analysis channel Jomboy Media even dug up a perfectly-worded clip on Bass on the mound, as just about every voice in the baseball world piles on in criticism of the pitcher.

The Toronto Blue Jays will continue their road trip Tuesday evening versus the Houston Astros. With basically the entire baseball world aware of Bass’ Twitter gaffe, it should be interesting to see how fans react if and when he appears next on the mound.

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