Blue Jays player outraged after pregnant wife asked to clean up after kids on plane

Apr 17 2023, 2:56 pm

A Toronto Blue Jays pitcher is finding himself the target of ridicule on social media after publicly complaining about his family’s experience on a domestic flight, where in-flight crews refused to clean up after his messy children.

Jays reliever Anthony Bass tweeted a photo of his young children aboard the United Airlines flight — the floor around them littered with popcorn kernels — calling out the airline for asking his pregnant wife to clean up after their daughters.

Bass’ tweet was immediately criticized by Twitter commenters, accusing the pitcher of privilege and entitlement for expecting others to clean up after his kids (in what appear to be coach seats).

“This may be the worst take by an athlete we see this year and that’s a tall task,” reads one comment, continuing, “There’s about 15 ways to make this not an issue and 15 involve not publicly whining about it.”

Several responses piled on, many suggesting Bass’ take on the events is disrespectful to the airline crews who work long hours in the skies.

Others suggest that nobody handled this situation correctly, from the flight staff who requested a 22-week-pregnant women get down on her hands and knees to clean popcorn, to the professional MLB player — who will earn $3 million this season — who thinks others should bend over backwards to accommodate his family.

Bass would tweet again early Monday morning, telling followers “Thank you everyone for the support,” and adding that, “United Airlines is taking care of matters with the flight attendant internally.”

But that didn’t end the torrent of comments, with one user replying, “Pay for a nanny to travel with her if it’s that effing difficult.”

Another spouted off, “They should be putting you and your entitled family on a no-fly list.”

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