Only a true Vancouverite has done ALL 12 of these things

Jul 28 2022, 7:09 pm

Whether it’s griping about the weather, reliving hiking journeys, shelling out your last cent for rent, or lining up for Lee’s donuts, here are 12 things you do to earn yourself the title of a true Vancouverite.

1. Complained about the weather

Because it is always raining! Whether it’s peak spring or the start of fall, a true Vancouverite knows slip-resistant shoes, and a waterproof bag would be the ultimate savior.

vancouver weather

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2. Watched the sun go down at Kits beach

If you haven’t made a summer checklist already, you might want to add this to your list. There is nothing like watching the sunset over the North Shore mountains. And if you’re not in for taking a dive into the Pacific Ocean, Kitsilano beach has got your back with an enclosed outdoor pool that faces the beach.

kits sun


3. Tried to lay in the arms of the A-maze-ing Laughter statue

Sculpted to make people laugh, this structure in English Bay does just that. The 14 laughing giants offer ample room to strike weird poses with your friends.

A-maze-ing Laughter Statues in Vancouver's English Bay.

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4. Waited for the Steam Clock whistle to go off

And… you missed recording it. So, you spent another hour waiting to capture the captivating Westminster Quarters. And it was so worth it. The world’s oldest steam clock is situated in Gastown and blows five whistles every quarter-hour.

Vancouver's Gastown Steam Clock and tourists waiting for the clock to sound.

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5. Drooled over Lee’s honey dip donuts

Granville Island public market would always see a queue next to the bright yellow board that reads Lee’s donuts. The smell of fresh donuts is bound to pull you in anytime you walk by.


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6. Accidentally took the bridle path back while cycling in Stanley park

Don’t be fooled by what Google tells you, do not take the bridle path on your way back. Unless of course, you like the extra challenge. A word of advice for newbies: going around is better than through.

Vancouver Stanley Park Seawall cyclist near the Lions Gate Bridge

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7. Spent hours in Breka to “work”

As one of the few places that are open after sundown, Breka is the go-to space for pulling an all-nighter, binging on eclairs, and sipping the famous lavender tea latte.

Breka Vancouver people gathering restaurant


8. Made friends with geese along the seawall

…till you get attacked by one.

Stanley Park Vancouver geese

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9. Sat in the streetcar inside the Old Spaghetti factory

Beware! some say it might just be the most haunted place in the city. Its antique furnishings come from around the world and the trolley car placed inside the restaurant was built in 1904.

Vancouver's Old Spaghetti Factor in Gastown


10. Spent a huge chunk of your pay cheque on rent

As the country’s most expensive city, it is no shock that the rent is so high. You will never not hear a Vancouverite complain about how hard it hits them in the pocket.

A photo of a woman paying bills


11. Shared your hiking stories with friends

Picking the best hiking spot in the city is still a debate. From Fraser River trail to the great Norvan Falls, it’s almost impossible to say no to a hike that’s calling your name.

Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

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12. Awed at the beauty of UBC Forest Sciences Centre’s study space

While there are tons of exciting places to explore within the 400 hectares of the university, its forestry department has amazing study spaces. The wooden architecture and indoor plants make it the perfect place to enjoy nature during the winters. FSC is open for all till six o’clock even if you’re not a student. And eight if you are!

Have you done everything on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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