Best coffee shops in Vancouver you need to try at least once

Sep 10 2021, 6:45 pm

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Coffee and Vancouver are an iconic duo, and there’s almost no street you can turn down that doesn’t have a coffee shop on it in this city.

That makes it tough to figure out where to grab a latte, a flat white, or simply a good old drip coffee. Factor in the various roasters and the different drink types featured, and finding your spot can be tough.

With the weather finally cooling off, a warm cup of Joe is a vibe now more than ever before.

We’ve put together a helpful list of the best coffee shops in Vancouver you need to check out at least once.

Our Town Cafe


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Our Town Cafe has been a fixture in Mount Pleasant for years. Having recently taken on new management, the cafe has deviated from the traditional antique vibe, favouring a more modern interior.

They’ve also diversified their menu, and are collaborating with PlantMe, a company focused on plant-based foods. Our Town also offers multiple espresso options, rotating every few weeks, and often highlights and collaborates with other local roasters and coffee shops.

Address: 255 East Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 778-222-5952

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Coffee Roastery Modus


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Not only does Modus deliver a delicious cup of coffee, they roast their own beans to boot. Modus started as a roaster, before opening a shop to serve food and coffee in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant.

They also offer brew guides, for coffee-enthusiasts looking for tips on how to create a masterful cup of coffee at home. Modus also serves up artisan sandwiches and delicious treats, baked daily.

Address: 112 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-873-5111

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Foglifter Coffee

Foglifter still has that new coffee shop smell, as their flagship location, located on Main Street, has only been open for a few months. Coming from Vancouver Island, Foglifter is another coffee brand that is also roasting their own beans.

They’ve fostered an intimate relationship with their suppliers, and are aiming to shorten the distance between the origin of the bean and what ends up in your cup. They are also most likely one of the only coffee shops in the city to serve freshly baked Kolaches.

Address: 3590 Main Street, Vancouver

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Even if you haven’t visited Timbertrain in Gastown, you’ve likely seen bags of their coffee at other stores. One of Vancouver’s premier coffee roasters, Timbertrain supplies beans to coffee shops all over the province.

During non-COVID times, they also offer coffee-making and latte art classes.

Address: 311 West Cordova Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-915-9188

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Prototype Coffee


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Prototype features an espresso bar that more closely resembles a chemistry lab than a traditional coffee shop.

As a microroastery, these coffee geniuses roast their beans right behind the counter, which is not the traditional way coffee shops do things. This allows less waste, and more options for the customer.

They also have their delicious brews available to go, if you’re in a hurry. Oh, they also make a wide variety of delicious waffles, daily.

Address: 883 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-251-6451

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Pallet Coffee

Another Vancouver-based roaster, Pallet Coffee, has been around since 2014. They’re another establishment who have proudly served coffee shops with their beans, all over the city.

The philosophy behind the roasting process at Pallet is to extract the natural flavours from the bean itself, rather than to impart flavours onto the bean. They also carry a wide variety of treats and savoury snacks.

Address: Multiple locations

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Kafka’s & Lil Bird


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Featuring three Vancouver locations, Kafka’s offers a chill indoor experience, with delicious coffee.

Their flagship location on Main Street also features Lil Bird Sandwich Co., offering a selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches. If you’re into pour-over coffee, Kafka’s offers one of the juiciest variations in the city.

Address: Multiple locations

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Harken Coffee


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If you appreciate a little zen with your java, Harken Coffee is it.

Another relatively new establishment in the Vancouver coffee scene, Harken is run by Eldrich Stuart, who once ran the award-winning Aubade, which was located within Space Lab on Pender Street.

Harken combines coffee with romance, and elegance. They once offered a fully plant based Japanese food-menu but have had to suspend it temporarily. Try the mocha or hot chocolate, which is fully plant-based and features delicious Peruvian dark chocolate.

Address: 338 Powell Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-661-1142

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Revolver Coffee


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Deliciously to the point, there is no fanfare around Revolver Coffee. They simply make excellent coffee, featuring a simplified menu.

Revolver also ships coffee across North America, so no matter where you are on the continent, you can sip up this deliciousness.

Address: 325 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-558-4444


Propaganda Coffee


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Featuring a minimalist interior design, with rotating coffee offerings, Propaganda has a great vibe for a chill hangout space with a friend, as you sip on tasty coffee.

Propaganda features several different filtered coffee options, and your usual assortment of espresso drinks. They also have a rad robot as their mascot.

Address: 209 East Pender Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-974-8829


Nemesis GNW


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“Coffee creating culture” is the mantra behind Nemesis coffee. And, while Nemesis does have three different locations, you need to check out Nemesis on Great Northern Way.

Aside from offering some of the city’s best coffee, Nemesis also has a simple brunch menu, and a selection of treats to pair with your coffee.

Address: 555 Great Northern Way, Vancouver

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Their There

Their There

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While Vancouver has plenty of restaurants that offer a full food menu, and coffee, there aren’t a ton of places that do both extremely well.

Their There is an exception, operating as a restaurant, coffee shop, and a wine bar. Offering perfectly crafted coffee, and sandwiches like their Nashville hot chicken sandwich, Their There deserves your attention.

By the way, they also have tater tots.

Address: 2042 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Phone: 604-736-8828

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Aperture Coffee

If you like your coffee with a splash of jazz, Aperture might be the place for you. Bonus points if you happen to like motorcycles.

They have two locations, one on Broadway, and one on Main Street. The Main Street location has the added bonus of an adults-only section if you wanted to mix things up with a boozy drink, without any screaming children to harsh your vibe.

Address: 4124 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-423-2704

Address: 243 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-8056


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