The Rise of Kyle Wellwood: Loose teeth pulls and candid poolside photos (VIDEO & PODCAST)

Nov 13 2018, 12:17 am

Ten-year NHL veteran, World Junior silver medallist, and former Vancouver Canucks centre Kyle Wellwood stopped by The Rise set to talk hockey with hosts Ryan Sullivan and Jay DeMerit.

Kyle talks about his journey from backyard frozen pond hockey in small town Ontario through the OHL and World Junior stage. The interesting thing about Kyle’s story is that he never cheered for any one team.

One would think it’d be a dream come true for a kid from Windsor to be drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, but he always cheered for his favourite players and not any one team – something that he attributed a lot of his developmental success to.

When Kyle came to Vancouver, a poolside photo grabbed all of the headlines. He was rehabbing a broken leg, reading a book, and instantly (without knowing it) became one of the country’s top headlines. From there, he pulled teeth from his face on national television, won the hearts of Canucks fans everywhere and went on to play nearly 500 games in the NHL. His story is truly unlike any other.

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The goal of this show is to help young athletes stay mentally and physically primed for their ongoing battle to play at the highest level. Mental and physical strength is the theme of our interview next week with one of the most incredible athletes this country has ever seen Georgia Simmerling. See you then!

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