South Granville restaurant Rise Eatery priced out and shut down

Feb 16 2022, 6:23 pm

A global fusion eatery on South Granville run by a husband and wife is shutting down, thanks to expensive rent in the area.

The Rise Eatery opened in 2017, and its rent has been increasing every year.

According to their website, the restaurant is “a tribute to the cultural mosaic that is Vancouver,” specializing in experimentation with familiar flavours.

“We have come to the conclusion that South Granville, and actually most other Vancouver neighbourhoods, are becoming unaffordable for a small business like ours,” co-founder Wanda Lai told Daily Hive over email.

“With the anticipated increase in property tax, rent, maintenance, etcetera — combined with the already-sky-high labour and food costs, our small operation is no longer sustainable here. Therefore, we have decided not to renew another term for this location.”

The founders say they’ve been overwhelmed with care and concern since announcing their closure, leaving a bittersweet taste in their mouths.

“We really wish we could tell you where we are heading next, but the truth is that we have yet to find another location,” said Lai.

“We are determined not to give up easily and are actively searching for a more affordable location, possibly in a neighbouring city such as Richmond.”

They have no other investors, meaning when it comes to paying rent, they’re on their own. Income during the pandemic wasn’t enough to keep making steady profits, so they had to close their location at 3121 Granville Street.

Lai says she and her husband cherish the memories they had there over the past five years.

Lunch is no longer available there, but The Rise is still open for brunch, happy hour, and dinner until March 13.

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