Longtime Vancouver eatery 'The Oakwood Canadian Bistro' has closed

Jun 11 2019, 2:35 am

The former owners of The Oakwood Canadian Bistro, located at 2741 W 4th Avenue in Kitsilano, have announced they sold the eatery.

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In a statement posted to restaurant’s Facebook page, The Oakwood team thanked customers for eight years of fun.

The team gave a nod to the talented culinary and front of house staff that had made the place a great one over the years, one of which was Chef Mike Robbins (AnnaLena, Their There, Hundy).


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The announcement informed patrons that The Oakwood has been closed for renovations, after which it will open under new ownership.

We’ll keep you posted about news on that as it comes.

It is with a full heart that I announce The Oakwood has officially been sold. I want to thank all the wonderful customers who helped The Oakwood Canadian Bistro enjoy eight fun years serving fabulous food and drinks in our little Kitsilano joint. So many of you also became our friends, and we are feeling grateful for this gift.

Also, a very special thanks to all the dedicated, passionate and talented individuals who formed our great teams over the years; your talent was evident in our products and with the energy we served it with. A special thanks to a rare talent, Chef Mike Robbins, for his creative genius in all aspects of our business as we struggled in the early days—thanks for helping to put us on the map.

I am tempted to continue naming more of you but space doesn’t allow: you know who you are. Front house and back house alike, take a bow for a job well done for many years. Thank you.

Wishing the new owners (opening soon after a renovation), and all of you, many more deeply connective moments with friends and family while sharing great food and drinks together. This beautiful tradition will never die.

With much gratitude – Mike Shea and the ownership team – Oakwood Canadian Bistro

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