Thanksgiving dinner dishes ranked from worst to best

Sep 29 2021, 6:42 pm

Thanksgiving weekend is almost upon us, and like most popular holidays, food is at the centre of this celebration.

But really, which food is the worst and which is the best when it comes to this classic holiday spread?

We decided to do the hard job and sift through the evidence to let you know.

Here’s a definitive list of Thanksgiving dinner dishes ranked worst to best.

Brussels Sprouts

Thanksgiving Food Ranked

Brussels Sprouts/Shutterstock

If you’re like us, you eat this dish first to get it over with. It’s not that it’s necessarily bad, it’s just not something we count down to eating. Brussels sprouts are a pretty common fall and winter dish, so really, nothing to see here.


Thanksgiving Food Ranked


Turnip the beet? We say turn it down. Not all the way down, but like, almost all the way. One doesn’t really walk into a dinner situation being like, “Yo I can’t wait for turnips!” Personally, we don’t want to fill up on forkful after forkful of turnips, especially when there are some drool-worthy dishes such as stuffing and turkey up for grabs.

Dinner Rolls

Thanksgiving Food Ranked

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A true neutral when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner food. Obviously, there are not too many people who disagree that a fresh dinner roll truly hits the spot, but also, no one wants to take up valuable stomach real estate with a simple bun. Save these for the Thanksgiving leftover sandos and do yourself a favour.

Cranberry Sauce

Thanksgiving Food Ranked

Cranberry Sauce/Shutterstock

People tend to be pretty split on this one, but when you love it, you can’t live without it. Like fries without ketchup, pizza without ranch – it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have it, but it can take a meal to a whole new level, which is why it has earned a solid place mid-ranking.

Sweet Potato

Thanksgiving Food Ranked

Sweet Potato/Shutterstock

Sweet, sweet, sweet potato. Nothing beats a creamy, whipped bowl of this stuff. It’s a top-notch dish that’s simple and never disappoints. If Thanksgiving dinner were a building, sweet potatoes would be the foundation. Let that sink in.


Thanksgiving Food Ranked


Deliciousness hits its peak with a solid serving of Thanksgiving stuffing. Who can resist a bread dish you eat with a fork? Not many, which is why this offering is always one of the most popular on the holiday table.


Thanksgiving Food Ranked


How often do you get delicious, warm gravy on your dinner table? Exactly. Maybe once, twice, three times a year? It’s no wonder people hog that gravy boat, and soon the liquid gold is gone. Mostly because it’s not top-notch when re-heated.

White Turkey Meat

The lesser of the two kinds of turkey meats, white turkey meat is, of course, delicious, but just a tad drier than the dark, hence the close ranking here.

Dark Turkey Meat

Thanksgiving Food Ranked


Eat this fast or don’t eat it at all. The dark meat is moist, flavourful, and usually one of the first things your eyes go to when dishing up. If you have any of this left for sandwiches the day after, count your lucky stars.

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