Online platform encourages BC students to vote in upcoming election

Oct 21 2020, 11:00 pm

With election day right around the corner, a coalition of student associations across British Columbia has launched a campaign to get their fellow students and young people to cast their votes.

The Take It Over campaign is an online platform that provides candidates and voters information for the upcoming BC election. The movement represents a collection of over 375,000 students across the province, and it is endorsed by 20 college-level student associations across BC institutions. The campaign is committed to showing that young people are civically engaged.

“This campaign is all about showing my peers just how many of us have already voted or are committed to voting,” says Tanysha Klassen, Chairperson for the BC Federation of Students.

Between Millennials and Gen Z, under-40s are now overwhelmingly the largest voting block in Canada. And, although progress is being made, their turnout at the polls still lags that of older generations.

Take it Over aims to change that.

“Research shows that young people, and first-time voters, are much more likely to vote if they see their peers voting,” says Klassen. “The perception of social momentum is key.”

To establish that momentum, Take it Over’s website offers a vote pledge, which, on filling out the form, delivers a customized letter to their local candidates and party leaders, with the top three issues that matter to the submitter.

On social, Take it Over has produced “I’ve voted” and “I’m voting” stickers for everyone’s Instagram Stories.

“We are the largest voting bloc and, looking at the polling across the province, we will be the deciding factor of who will become premier,” says Klassen.

“We just need to collectively show up on Saturday and show our friends that we’ve voted. To keep that momentum going.”

General information regarding how to vote is also available on the website. Take It Over has addressed common questions regarding voter registration, eligibility, and local polling stations.

For more information on Take it Over, visit the website.

The 2020 BC general election is set to take place on Saturday, October 24, 2020.

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