Surrey high school student found guilty of sexual assault

Dec 19 2019, 5:01 pm

A high school student in Surrey was found guilty of sexual assault stemming from a series of incidents that took place in 2016 and 2017, according to official court documents released this month.

The documents state that the student – who is not named and identified only as A.A. – was charged on a 12-count Indictment with sexual assault and touching persons under the age of 16 years for a sexual purpose.

“The accused and the remaining five complainants attended school together at a high school in Surrey,” the documents state. “The complainants are females; four were in Grade 8 and one was in Grade 9 at the time of these allegations.”

According to the documents, all five complainants talked about encounters they had with A.A., who was a Grade 10 student at the time. Each of the complainants described A.A. as “a popular student who was well known throughout the school, and was something of a jokester and class clown.”

The complainants also described encounters with A.A., “which featured unwanted grabbing or groping of their buttocks or chest area, either on top of or underneath their clothing, and in some cases the complainants were physically restrained,” the documents said.

In the end, Justice Mark Jetté found the student guilty on two of the counts, and not guilty on nine of them. With the remaining count, Jetté said he found A.A. “not guilty of sexual assault, but guilty of the included offence of common assault.”