Colourful plaza with food trucks at Sunset Beach parking lot this summer

Jun 15 2021, 1:44 am

A significant area of the parking lot at Sunset Beach Park in downtown Vancouver’s West End has been temporarily converted into a pop-up plaza.

To animate the space, the southeast corner of the parking lot has been given a bright paint job, with a “Sunset Ground Mural” inspired by the colours of the sunset. There will also be food trucks and picnic tables with umbrellas throughout the summer season.

A pair of ping pong tables will be added to the space next month.

To accommodate the changes, general public parking at this parking lot is closed, but five accessible parking stalls have been made available and the electric vehicle charging station has reopened. The reopening of the Jervis parking lot also helps offset the lost general parking spaces.

This pop-up plaza will remain in place for 2021, and an assessment will be made at a later date on whether to continue it into 2022.

sunset beach park pop-up plaza

Pop-up plaza configuration at the Sunset Beach Park parking lot. (Vancouver Park Board)

sunset beach parking lot parking up plaza

Pop-up plaza configuration at the Sunset Beach Park parking lot. (Vancouver Park Board)

Additionally, food trucks will also be stationed at the nearby Inukshuk parking lot, which is also closed.

Later in the summer, the Sunset Beach Park pop-up plaza will also be used as a public consultation hub for the Vancouver Park Board’s West End Waterfront master planning process, whichĀ could result in the long-term redesign of English Bay Beach, Sunset Beach Park, and Beach Avenue.

This particular parking lot at Sunset Beach Park is part of the footprint of Vancouver Pride’s Sunset Beach Festival, which has been cancelled for the second consecutive year due to COVID-19.

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