6 places to get the best sunflower photos in the Fraser Valley

Aug 22 2019, 4:10 pm

Written for Daily Hive by Codi Lynn, Creative Wife & Joyful Worker, and Keisha, Loving Littles Blog, motherhood bloggers located in the Fraser Valley. They both have a passion for supporting local and sharing those adventures through Instagram. 

If you are on Instagram it’s very likely you have seen one or two, maybe even your whole feed filled with beautiful sunflower photos. Am I right?! Keisha and I wanted to get together and spend a day exploring all the farms in Abbotsford and Chilliwack that could provide us with those Instagram-worthy sunflower photos.

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We’ve got quite the list for you: Six totally different farms that offer activities for kids, locally-made food, and those perfect sunflower pictures for the ‘gram. Here are the six best places to go in the Fraser Valley for those Instagram-worthy carousel of gorgeous sunflower photos.

Chilliwack Sunflower Festival

Chilliwack Fest / Photo: @lovinglittlesblog

The ones that started it all. The family that puts on the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival and Tulips in the Valley each year were the first in the Fraser Valley to put on a flower festival, and boy, has the idea bloomed!

Located right off of Highway 1, you can easily find the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival. When walking onto the property you’ll likely have your breath taken away. Sunflowers on sunflowers on sunflower, right next to the most dahlias you’ll ever see. If you want flowers, this is the spot! Not to mention their mountain view backdrop is beyond stunning.

Cost: $5-$15 depending on the day (weekends are more expensive)

Maan Farms, Abbotsford

Maan Farms sunflowers / Photo: @lovinglittlesblog

Maan Farms sunflowers / Photo: @lovinglittlesblog

Maan Farms started their Sunflower Festival this year, and it’s unlike any other. They really went with the instagram-worthy theme and have little living areas set up throughout their sunflower field. You can find tables, chairs, vehicles, hanging lights, picture frames, a swing, the list goes on. On the weekends they even have wine tasting and goat petting within the sunflowers fields.

Along with their sunflower field you can also find a corn maze, zip line, multiple play areas for kids which is all included with your entry. Don’t forget to pop into Mama Maan’s kitchen for their butter chicken poutine.

Cost: $13-16.50/person

Taves Family Farms, Abbotsford

Taves / Photo: @lovinglittlesblog

Taves is Maan Farms’ next-door neighbour, and they also have a beautiful sunflower patch. You can take a hayride over to see a variety of sunflowers in their sunflower patch. As you walk through admiring the blooms and reading their plaques of sunflower fun facts, you will also want to look down and discover the hidden gnomes.

Taves is known for their massive pumpkin fields, delicious apples and apple cider slushies. Your kids will have a blast in their petting zoo area, bouncy pillow and multiple play areas.

Cost: Regular admission includes sunflower patch ($10.95 for children, $7.50 for adults, and $5.50 for seniors; 2 and under is free)

EcoDairy, Abbotsford

Eco Dairy / / Photo: @lovinglittlesblog

EcoDairy is a partnership between a local Abbotsford farm and Telus World of Science. You can pay to take a tour of the ins and outs of dairy farming, but to just visit the sunflowers and take photos on a cute bridge, it’s free! We even did a little wild blackberry picking along the way.

Don’t forget to stop at Nature’s Pickins on your way out for the best local fare or grab ice cream from their little stand out front.

Cost: Free

Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery, Abbotsford

Photo: @lovinglittlesblog

If you’re in the mood for some delicious local honey or mead, stop by Campbell’s. Their store is filled with all sorts of honey themed products, one of my favourites is the lavender honey.

On your way in or out, you can take a stroll through their property and snap photos along their blooming sunflower field at no cost.

Cost: Free

Cultus Lake Flower Fest, Yarrow/Chilliwack

Cultus Lake Flower Fest

This hidden gem is technically in Yarrow, BC. They offer sunflowers, dahlias, and wildflowers for all of your floral Instagram needs. For those on their way to Cultus Lake you may want to plan a stop at the flower fest while driving in or out. The wildflower field with a backdrop of sunflowers and mountains just can’t be beat.

Cost: $15 per car on weekdays, $20 per car on weekends.

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