Police helicopter spots cars doing donuts in wild stunt-driving show (VIDEO)

Feb 22 2022, 4:41 pm

A police helicopter was surveying the city of Pickering in Ontario when they came across a perilous stunt-driving show involving several cars and spectators.

On February 18, Durham Regional Police Service posted a clip of the incident to their official YouTube channel.

“A large group of vehicles were spotted by Air1 driving recklessly in a commercial area in Pickering on the weekend,” the caption reads.


Durham Regional Police Service/YouTube

“There could be at least a hundred people here,” an officer viewing the scene can be heard saying in the clip.

The surveillance helicopter video is mostly black and white, but you can see sparks flying off the tires of the cars as they drift into donuts.

What’s shocking is several people can be seen standing around and inside a ring created by a car, getting dangerously close, and at times, sprinting in and out of the ring while the car is in motion. Some miss being impacted by a hair.

Two individuals appear to be sitting on the window ledges of a car, with one leg outside the vehicle.

In a press release issued with the video, DRPS wrote that they received complaints from residents and businesses around midnight on February 12 regarding “a large vehicle gathering” at the intersection of Clements Road and Squires Beach Road.

“Our Air1 Unit spotted several hundred people and approximately 30 vehicles operating recklessly in the intersection,” they stated. “The vehicles blocked the entire intersection, and vehicles took turns doing donuts in the middle of the intersection. Occupants of the vehicles were seen hanging out the sunroof and windows recording the event while others were observed climbing street light posts to record the event.”

They said that by the time they arrived at the scene, most participants had fled speedily, adding that one white BMW was seen making a run for it at “speeds in excess of 200km/hour” on Highway 401.

Police also noted that the license plates of most cars were removed or covered. Police are looking for any witnesses that may have dash-cam video of the dangerous driving to contact them.

A reminder concluding the press release warns that stunt drivers will have their licence immediately suspended for 30 days and their vehicle impounded for two weeks.

“If convicted, you will face a fine of between $2,000 – $10,000, possible jail time, six demerit points as well as a one-year licence suspension,” DRPS cautions.

Watch the full video here:

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